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Music students earn higher salaries.

posted Jun 15, 2011, 5:51 AM by Eric Drew   [ updated Jun 15, 2011, 5:57 AM ]
Research confirms that music education at an early age greatly increases the likelihood that a child will grow up to seek higher education and ultimately earn a higher salary. If you want to be a CEO, college president, or even a rock star, the message from this survey is: take music. As with reading, writing, and arithmetic, music should be a core academic focus because it is so vital to a well rounded education and will pay dividends later in life, no matter the career path taken.

Respondents of the Harris Poll cite skills they learned in music as helping them in their careers today. Seventy-two percent of adults with music education agree that it equips people to be better team players in their career, and nearly six in ten agree that music education has influenced their creative problem-solving skills. Many also agree music education provides a disciplined approach to problem solving, a sense of organization and prepares someone to manage the tasks of their job more successfully.

This information was provided by a Harris Interactive survey release, November 12, 2007.