Next Meeting: Tuesday 3/22

posted Mar 17, 2011, 5:54 AM by Eric Drew   [ updated Mar 17, 2011, 6:00 AM ]
Congratulations, we're now half-way through the NBHSWMB 2011 Leadership Workshop!  Hopefully you are starting to see things within the band from a new perspective.  For our next meeting, please complete the following assignments:

I. Complete the "Leadership in Practice" from Section 4 of your workbooks:
  1. Think of one way in which you could be a better role model for younger members of the group.  Ask a staff member how you could improve in that area and then write about how you plan to make real improvements over the next month. 

II. Read Section 5 (posted below) and complete the "Reflection Questions" for this Section

1. Why is interpersonal influence the most effective form of influence for student leaders?

2. Choose a characteristic of relationships that foster interpersonal influence (trust, support, or collaboration). Describe one way student leaders can start building relationships with this characteristic during the first few days of band camp.

3. How might your interpersonal influence help the band organize tasks like sectional practice, moving equipment, or setting up for rehearsals?