Next Meeting: Tuesday, 3/1

posted Feb 22, 2011, 9:54 AM by Eric Drew   [ updated Feb 22, 2011, 10:04 AM ]
Another great meeting last week!  We will meet again next Tuesday, March 1.  Between now and then, please complete the following assignemnts:

I. Complete the "Leadership in Practice" Section from Section 2 of your workbooks:
  1. Choose a school, city, or national tradition that the band takes part in, and discuss it with someone outside the band.  Ask them why they think it important or not, and then give them some thoughts about why you think it is worth maintaining. 

  2. Introduce yourself to someone as a member of the Whaler Marching Band.  Show pride in your Band and follow the steps listed above.  Try to give them a good first impression of the band and everyone in it. 


II. Read Section 3 (posted below) and complete the "Reflection Questions" for this Section
  1. Why is it so important that leaders serve the best interests of the people who make up the 

    group being led? 

  2. Come up with a detailed idea for a small, but important, improvement that you can make in 

    the band.  Exactly what actions should you take to make that idea come to fruition? 

  3. Write out instructions for completing a student-leadership task within the band (loading the 

    truck, setting up the field, rolling up the floormat, etc.).  Be as specific as possible so that someone who has  never seen this task performed could do it correctly on the first try.