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Next Meeting: Tuesday 3/22

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Congratulations, we're now half-way through the NBHSWMB 2011 Leadership Workshop!  Hopefully you are starting to see things within the band from a new perspective.  For our next meeting, please complete the following assignments:

I. Complete the "Leadership in Practice" from Section 4 of your workbooks:
  1. Think of one way in which you could be a better role model for younger members of the group.  Ask a staff member how you could improve in that area and then write about how you plan to make real improvements over the next month. 

II. Read Section 5 (posted below) and complete the "Reflection Questions" for this Section

1. Why is interpersonal influence the most effective form of influence for student leaders?

2. Choose a characteristic of relationships that foster interpersonal influence (trust, support, or collaboration). Describe one way student leaders can start building relationships with this characteristic during the first few days of band camp.

3. How might your interpersonal influence help the band organize tasks like sectional practice, moving equipment, or setting up for rehearsals?

Next Meeting: Tuesday, 3/1

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Another great meeting last week!  We will meet again next Tuesday, March 1.  Between now and then, please complete the following assignemnts:

I. Complete the "Leadership in Practice" Section from Section 2 of your workbooks:
  1. Choose a school, city, or national tradition that the band takes part in, and discuss it with someone outside the band.  Ask them why they think it important or not, and then give them some thoughts about why you think it is worth maintaining. 

  2. Introduce yourself to someone as a member of the Whaler Marching Band.  Show pride in your Band and follow the steps listed above.  Try to give them a good first impression of the band and everyone in it. 


II. Read Section 3 (posted below) and complete the "Reflection Questions" for this Section
  1. Why is it so important that leaders serve the best interests of the people who make up the 

    group being led? 

  2. Come up with a detailed idea for a small, but important, improvement that you can make in 

    the band.  Exactly what actions should you take to make that idea come to fruition? 

  3. Write out instructions for completing a student-leadership task within the band (loading the 

    truck, setting up the field, rolling up the floormat, etc.).  Be as specific as possible so that someone who has  never seen this task performed could do it correctly on the first try.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, 2/15

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Congratulations on a good first meeting!  We will continue our workshop next week at 2:10 in the music theory room (D-240).  Here is your assignment for the week:

I. Review the lists of qualities and ideals that we put on the board during this week's session.  Find each of them in the band's mission statement.  If there are any that you can't find, we will discuss how to incorporate them next week.

II. Complete the "Leadership in Practice" from Section 1 of your workbooks:

1. In the next week, speak with a member of the band who is not currently in the Student Leadership Program.  Ask them what they feel the mission of the band is.  Listen to their response without interrupting and when they have finished, offer your insights.  After summarizing our mission statement, ask them how successful they think we are at completing our mission.

2. Have the same conversation with another member of the school community (student or staff) who is not a member of the band organization. 

III. Read Section 2 of your workbook (posted below) and answer the reflection questions so that we can discuss them at next week's meeting.

1. Choose one tradition the band has that supports our Identity (who we are) and our Mission (what we do).  Describe the tradition and tell how it relates to the Band’s goals.

2. How does the band encourage other students to maintain the traditions of New Bedford High School? 

3. Describe a time when you were asked to speak to anyone on behalf of the band.  What did you say? What could you have said or done instead to communicate our Identity and Mission?

Optional Enrichment:
    Watch this video by Simon Sinek that gives some ideas abou How Great Leaders Inspire Action.  He gives this talk in terms of businesses, but every time he talks about selling something, think to yourself that he is talking about recruiting people to our organization or getting people to believe the same things we believe about our school and our community.

Welcome 2011!

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Welcome to the 2011 Whaler Marching Band Student Leadership Program.  We will hold our first meeting on Tuesday, February 8 at 2:10 in room D-240.  Before you come, please write answers to the following questions:

  1. What is unique about the Whaler Marching Band?
  2. Why does the Whaler Marching Band Exist?
  3. What are the three most important things that would make someone the "perfect member" of the Whaler Marching Band? 

As always, if you have any questions, see Mr. Drew at school or email him (

Next Meeting: 3/2

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The next meeting for the NBHSMB Student Leadership Program will be held on Tuesday, March 3 from 2:15 to 2:45pm in the music theory room.  Your assignment is to read section 5 and complete the Reflection Questions in your handbook.  In addition, you should read page 27-42 and 73-90 in "The Student Leadership Challenge".  Make sure we share the copies of the book so that everyone has a chance to read the assigned chapters.

Great job on your skits this week.  If you have any questions please see me during school or email me (

Next Meeting: Tuesday, 2/2

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The next meeting for the Student Leadership Program will be on Tuesday, February 2 from 2:15pm-2:45pm in Room D-240.  Your assignment is to read Section 3 in your leadership packet and answer the Reflection Questions.  You will also need to read pages 49-58 of "The Student Leadership Challenge".  There are four copies of the book available to borrow from Mr. Drew in the NBHS Music Office. 

If you have any questions, please see me during the day or email me (

New Time for Meetings

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The Student Leadership program will meet next on Tuesday, January 26 at 2:15.  Your assignment is to read Section 2 of your leadership packet and to read the insert at the back from "The Student Leadership Challenge".

As always, if you have any questions, please email me ( or see me during school.

Mr. Drew

Next Meeting: Monday, 1/25

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Please read Section 2 in your leadership packets and snwer the Reflection Questions provided.  Do not forget to complete your "Leadership in Practice" from Section 1 this week.

Email Mr. Drew or see him during the day if you have any questions. (

First Meeting: Monday 1/11

posted Jan 7, 2010, 4:50 AM by Eric Drew

The Student Leadership Program will have its first workshop session on Monday 1/11 at 4:45pm in the band room.  Please read all of the introductory materials and Section 1 in your packet.

If you have any questions, you can email Mr. Drew at

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