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NBHS Band Booster Meetings

General meetings of the NBHS Band Boosters are held on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm in the music rooms. Commitee meetings are held on an as-needed basis and are anounced at the monthly General Meeting. All meetings are open to any parent/guardian of a band member.

Summaries of each monthly general meeting and other information about band events can be found below. For reference, the bylaws of the NBHS Band Boosters Association can be downloaded here.

Executive Board Meeting 8/19/15

posted Aug 20, 2015, 10:26 AM by Eric Drew

The NBHS Band Boosters held our first Executive Board meeting of the year last night at NBHS.  The minutes of the meeting are copied below, but links may not work.  The complete minutes can be accessed here.

8/19/15 Executive Board Meeting Notes

Cathy Novo to order extra short sleeve t-shirts to sell at events
10 - Large shirts
10 - XL shirts
5 - 2XL shirts

Tyra to look into Tee-Spring, for ‘keep calm and march on t-shirts

Parents meeting on Monday -
Tyra to make fliers for parents’ meeting for kids to bring home 100+
Tyra to make fliers for Band-B-Q to hand out to kids 

John Duarte to follow up with ABC about truck donation, report back on Monday at parents’ meeting. (To rent a truck is $500 per event.)

Eric Drew to follow up:
Proposal to host a Band-B-Q on exhibition day 8/29/15, Eric to get final okay?
Eric to write short narrative about band for New Member Packet
Eric to talk to fund raiser Kevin Donnelley, ask to visit at exhibition to discuss fundraising possibilities
Enrollment down from last year, Eric to pursue new members, possibly visit Freshman Orientation on Monday

CORI checks? What do we need to do? Switching to national background check. Cost is $35 per volunteer. Eric to advise on procedure

Home Comp
Scheduling conflict results in three bands, including us. Eric to work on recruiting more bands for current time slot, 7:00 on Sat Oct 3. 

Discussion about band trip, see attachment from Eric

New Member Welcome Packet - what to include?
Do the long sleeved t-shirts come in grey, with red lettering? (Instead of cherry red, as indicated on list)

In attendance:
John Pacheco, president
John Duarte III, vice president
Al Roda, treasurer
Tyra Pacheco, secretary

Cathy Novo, public relations
Jorge Lima, parent representative
Neusa do Nascimento, parent representative
Cheryl Pereira, parent representative
Dionne Richmond, parent representative
Marie Duarte, parent representative 

Eric Drew, band director

Meeting Minutes - August 27, 2014

posted Sep 1, 2014, 12:14 PM by Eric Drew

NBHS Band Boosters

Annual Opening Meeting

August 27th 2014

Meeting Minutes 

I.      The meeting was called to order on Tuesday, August 27th. Several topics were covered to prepare for the upcoming marching season and exhibition to be held on Saturday, August. 30th.

a.     The band boosters have decided to set up a table at the picnic to show new students/parents the available apparel, take orders and also to receive any ads and payment that have been collected thus far. Ad books are due no later than September 6 for the production of the ad book.

II.    Apparel orders are due September 6th and this year will also include “sweat pants” with a band logo, jackets, hats, sweatshirts and t shirts with the band logo.

III.  Also, just a reminder that the order forms for the band supply sheets (for shoes, lyres, flip folders and band t-shirts are due by Thursday, August 21st.

IV.  There is also an upcoming parade on September 7th and the boosters are working hard to get all of the uniforms in order for that day. Any parents with sewing skills are encouraged to help out with uniforms prior to the parade.

V.    Volunteers are also needed for the competitions this year and a sign up sheet is available or contact one of the band boosters with your available time slot.

VI.           Also, students should notify parents/guardians that at least one representative of their family is needed at the home competition on October 7. There are several volunteers needed for all committees involved, including concession, food, parking, tickets, raffles, baked goods and bus parking.

VII.         All chairpersons from last year were invited to return in the roles from last year. Chairpersons will meet weekly on Tuesday evenings prior to the end of band to discuss progress and coordinate the home competition.

VIII.       Also discussed were upcoming fundraisers, which are needed this year for the band, especially to bring up the general fund. Anyone who hasn’t sold any ads, there is still time to do so! Please go on the website to download the ad forms. This is the bands most profitable fundraiser, 45 % of the profits will go into each students “assessment fund” and the rest will go towards the bands general fund.

IX.          One ongoing fundraiser, which brought much success last year, was a raffle for two tickets to a December 28th Patriots game.

X.            For the month of October through November, the boosters have decided to have the band sell cookie dough. For November through December the boosters have decided to have the students sell raffle tickets for a “12 Days of Christmas” themed basket giveaway.

XI.          Also, on October 21st, there will be a fundraiser at Ma Raffas in New Bedford from 4 to 9 p.m., with 20 percent of the proceeds from sales during that time going back to the band.

XII.        New fundraising ideas are also appreciated and all will be considered. There were also some minor changes to the Fall schedule posted on line. It was noted that the Dartmouth parade will be on a SUNDAY, September 7.

XIII.      From Mr. Drew, there were several schedule changes announced:

a.     Saturday, September 6, there will be a 9 to 3 p.m. practice.

b.     Sunday, September 7, will be the Dartmouth 350th parade.  Students will report to NBHS at 11:30 and be dismissed around 4pm.

c.     There will also be a November 1st practice on the Saturday prior to the NESBA Finals on November 2.

d.     Please take note of these changes as they have not been updated on line yet.





February Meetings

posted Mar 1, 2012, 12:43 PM by Eric Drew

Below are the notes for the NBHS Band Boosters' February meeting, and for the two Winter Comp meetings that were held this month.  We will continue to meet in prepartaion for the Winter Percussion Competition every Tuesday at 7:00pm until the event.  Please come and find out how you can help with this important fundraiser.

January Boosters' Meeting

posted Mar 1, 2012, 12:31 PM by Eric Drew

Below are the notes from January's Monthly Boosters' Meeting.  The major points of discussion were fundraising plans for the remainder of the school year.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

December Boosters Meeting

posted Jan 4, 2012, 12:40 PM by Eric Drew

Below this post, you can find the minutes from the December meeting of the NBHS Band Boosters Association.  We discussed some important information and are continuing to plan fundraisers and events for the spring.

The next meeting for Parents is scheduled for Tuesday, January 10 at 7:00pm.  Please make every effort to attend.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Your in music,
Mr. Eric Drew

June Update

posted May 26, 2010, 11:42 AM by Eric Drew   [ updated May 26, 2010, 12:20 PM ]

Key Info: Graduation Rehearsals, Night School Graduation, NBHS Graduation, Cape Verdean Day Parade.

Dear Whalers,

While school is winding down for most of the student body, the Band is entering another busy time of year.  The month of May has been quite successful including our All-City Band Festival, our trip to New York City, and the Music Department Banquet.  Congratulations to all of this year’s award recipients.  Now it is time to finish this year strong and begin planning for next fall.

During the months of June and July we have four performances and several rehearsals.  These are outlined on the attached schedule and feature the band in both concert and marching modes.  All of the performances for the remainder of this year fall into our role as a school spirit and community service organization.  Your presence and energy are necessary to make these events a success.  Please do everything in your power to attend.  

In addition to the two graduation ceremonies that the band will perform for, there are two marching performances scheduled.  Seniors should note that they are required to perform with the band through the Night School Graduation on Tuesday, June 8, and color guard is required to perform at the Cape Verdean Day Parade on July 3.

There will be an informational meeting for parents and students at the end of rehearsal (8:00pm) on Wednesday, June 9.  At that meeting, details will be made available regarding next year’s fall season and fundraisers to begin working on over the summer.  Please make every effort to attend.

Thank you all for your hard work so far this year.  We are now on the home stretch and I hope we can all come together to make these final events of the 2010-2011 school year a resounding success.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you might have.                                                               

Yours in music,

                                                                        Mr. Eric Drew

A copy of this letter and the attached schedule will be sent home with students following the All-City Band Festival on Thursday, May 27.

May Update

posted May 4, 2010, 5:52 AM by Eric Drew   [ updated May 4, 2010, 8:06 AM ]

Key Info: NYC Trip, Band Banquet, All-City Band Festival, Memorial Day

Dear Whalers,

May is here already and the end of the school year is coming very quickly.  The last few months have passed with successful concerts and fundraisers, most recently our Spaghetti Supper at Cyd’s Creative Kitchen.  It is wonderful to see the sense of unity and comeraderie building in the band while our musicianship continues to develop.  As this month progresses I hope we will bring that development to an even higher level.

The band has several events this month to be ready for.  The first is our trip to New York City to see Phantom of the Opera.  There are still open seats for both students and adults, so please tell anyone interested to contact me for more information.  We need to fill the bus in order to pay for the trip.  Otherwise, everything for this trip is going smoothly.   Report time for the trip is 5:45am at the D-Block entrance of NBHS on Saturday May 15.  More information and an itinerary can be found in the April Update located under “Information for Parents” on the band website. (www.whalersmarchingband.com)

This month we also have the NBHS Music Banquet at Hawthorne Country Club.  The ticket price is $43 and tickets must be paid for by Monday May 10.  Students may use their assessment money to purchase these tickets, and may bring as many friends or family members as they wish (all tickets are $43 per person).

Performances this month include the All-City Band Festival on May 27 and the Memorial Day Parade on Monday, May 31.  For the All-City Band Festival, students should report to the Band Room by 5:30pm on Thursday May 27.  The concert will begin at 7:00pm and should be done by 8:30pm.  Dress code is normal concert black-and-white attire.  Please contact me if you have questions.

Our second performance this month includes colorguard, and will be part of the City of New Bedford Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony.  Students should report to the NBHS Band Room by 9:30am.  The parade will step-off from the high school at 11:00am and the ceremony will commence at Claskey Common at about 12:00pm.  Dismissal time and place are not finalized for this event, but information will be made available as it gets closer.

As always, please contact me with any questions or concerns you might have.  I look forward to continuing our group effort to improve our selves, our sound, our school, and our community. 

A copy of the letter sent home with students on May 4 is available below and includes a schedule for the month of May.

April Update

posted Apr 12, 2010, 2:24 PM by Eric Drew   [ updated Apr 12, 2010, 3:00 PM ]

There has been much activity in the world of the Band Parents during the month of April. A successful candy sale was held this past Saturday and we have been moving forward with plans for a Spaghetti Supper fundraiser on May 2, and field trip to New York City on May 15. Information for each of those events is included below.

Spaghetti Supper Fundraiser  (Shift sign-up information can be found here.)

The NBHS Band Boosters will hold a spaghetti supper fundraiser on Sunday, May 2 from 4-7PM at Cyd's Creative Kitchen on Acushnet Avenue in New Bedford.  The cost of each ticket is $5.00 and includes salad and dessert.


Each band and colorguard member will receive (if not already received) a sheet of 10 tickets to sell.  It is expected that the students will participate by selling their tickets.  The money from the ticket sales, and any unsold tickets, must be returned to Mr. Drew by April 27.  Part of the profit from this fundraiser will go towards assessment for students that participate in this fundraiser by selling their tickets.


As part of this fundraiser, each student is required to donate 1 box of thin spaghetti pasta, as well as bring 1 dessert to Cyd's Creative Kitchen on May 2.  The donated box of thin spaghetti needs to be dropped off at the band rehearsal on Tuesday April 27, where they will be collected and brought to Cyd's on April 29.  So please drop off your box of thin spaghetti on Tuesday April 27 to Mr. Drew.  All desserts will need to be brought to Cyd's by 3:30PM on May 2.


Volunteers are also needed, starting at 3PM, to help with the set up, through 8PM to help with the clean-up.  Dinner will be served between the hours of 4-7PM where students will need to serve dinner to customers.  Mr. Drew will have the sign-up sheet in school so please make a point to see him to sign up to help with this fundraiser.  Again, all money and unsold tickets must be turned in to Mr. Drew by April 27.  Please return your money in an envelope with your name clearly printed on it.

Trip to New York City

The NBHS Band will be sponsoring a field trip to New York City on Saturday May 15, 2010.  The trip includes a visit to the American Museum of Natural History and a performance of  “The Phantom of the Opera” at the Majestic Theater near Times Square.  An itinerary for our trip follows this letter.  This is a wonderful opportunity for students to experience a live performance of tremendous quality and artistic value.

The cost of the trip will be $149 per person, and can be defrayed by fundraising.  Any money already in students’ assessment accounts can be used toward this expense.  Payments will be due in three installments of $50 (or $49) due on April 16, April 30, and May 12.  Band students will have priority for this trip until the April 16 deposit date.  After that time, remaining seats will be opened up to parents and to chorus and drama students within the NBHS Music Department.  This is necessary to ensure that we fill the bus and do not have to pay for any leftover seats.

While students are allowed to use their assessment accounts to pay for the trip, students must first pay any remaining balance by cash or check.  This means that unless a student’s assessment account will cover the entire cost of the trip, they must still make a payment by April 16 in order to reserve their seat.  Payment must be $50 or the cost of their trip not currently covered by their assessment, whichever is less.  If a band student or family cannot afford the cost of this trip please contact Mr. Drew as there may be some scholarship money available for students who would not otherwise be able to attend.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. (edrew@newbedfordschools.org)

Next Parents' Meeting: Wednesday 2/3

posted Jan 26, 2010, 7:41 AM by Eric Drew

The next Band Boosters' Meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 3 at 8:00pm in the choir room at New Bedford High School.  Topics for discussion will include details for the planned trips to Six Flags and New York City, as well as fundraising plans for the remainder of the school year.  All parents of band and color guard students are welcome to attend.

If you have any questions, please email Mr. Drew (edrew@newbedfordschools.org)

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