Gillette Stadium Fundraiser

posted Jun 22, 2011, 2:32 PM by Eric Drew

Working at Gillette Stadium is a major fundraiser for the NBHS band/colorguard fall and winter programs.   


The NBHS band/guard is signed up as a fill-in group to work at food booths during various events at the stadium such as soccer games, concerts, and football games. Generally we need 6-8 people to work as fill-ins, the number is determined by Gillette when they schedule us to work an event.   


We are paid by Gillette to work these events and receive $50.00 per person + tips. From this money, $25.00 goes toward the student's assessment and $25.00 + all tip monies goes to the band's general fund.   


Each time you, your friends, and family or the student works at an event, the student will get $25.00 allotted to their assessment fund based on the number of people who work "for them".   


Students must be at least 16 years old to work at Gillette, and no more than 2 students who are under 18 can work an event. Anyone 18 or older can work any event. 


Transportation is on your own, though carpooling is encouraged and usually available among the group going to the event. Parking is free for workers.   


Report times vary, depending on the start time of the event. It generally is a commitment of about 10 hours, sometimes less, again depending on the type of event.   


Ken Souza, one of the Band Booster Parents, is the coordinator for Gillette signups. If you are interested in working at Gillette, please contact him with your email address and phone number so he can add you to the email list. When we are signed up for an event, Ken will send out an email to all those who have provided their information and are interested in participating in this fundraiser for their student and the band. 


Ken Souza's email address is: