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Washington Trip Preliminary Information

posted Oct 1, 2013, 9:54 PM by Eric Drew

Dear Students and Parents,

As I hope most of you have already heard, the NBHS Band is planning a trip to Washington D.C. during this year’s April vacation (April 24-27).  The planned trip will last for four days and three nights, and will include a concert band festival with national-caliber judges, a visit to one of the Smithsonian Museums in Washington D.C., and a visit to one of several amusement parks close to the city.  Other highlights will include visits to national monuments and memorials, and a guided bus tour of Washington.

The cost for this trip is $600 per person.  While this is a considerable expense, students will be given ample opportunities to fundraise and I can tell you already that after only two fundraisers so far this year, several students have fundraised most or all of the cost of their trip.  We will continue running fundraisers throughout the year in order to give students the opportunity to defray as much of their trip cost as possible.  In addition, for students who have made some effort at fundraising, but may still be short of the entire cost of the trip, the band boosters have set aside some funds to be allocated as scholarships.  These will be awarded on a case-by-case basis so please speak with me by phone or in person if you would like to attend this trip but would need a scholarship to do so.

In order to confirm our trip with the travel agency and begin the lengthy process of school-committee approval, we need commitments from students and family members who would like to come on the trip[1]. Because of this we are asking that anyone interested in the trip submit a $75 deposit by Tuesday, October 8th, 2013.  After that, payments of $75 will be due each month until April, or until students have enough money in their fundraising accounts to pay off the balance of their trip.

If not enough students sign up for the trip by October 8th, then all deposits will be refunded and we will plan an alternate day-trip for this year.  We have had multiple unsuccessful attempts at running overnight band trips for the last few years, so if we can not make it work this year, I will stop trying to plan these types of trips altogether.  While I feel very strongly that trips of this nature are exciting educational opportunities for students and can be excellent motivators for band members, they are also quite time-consuming to plan and that energy can be directed elsewhere if students and families are not interested in taking advantage of these opportunities.

As always, if you have any questions, or would like more information about this trip, please contact me by phone or email, or stop by the band room at the end of a rehearsal.  I hope that we can work together to make this wonderful travel opportunity possible for our band students.


Yours in music,

Mr. Eric Drew

[1] All family members traveling with the band must be appropriately background-checked through the School Department.

Eric Drew,
Oct 1, 2013, 9:55 PM